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Welcome.,,phone-818-800-0472,,THERE ARE MANY ORDERS AHEAD OF YOU, PLEASE EXPECT 30 TO 60 DAYS DELAY. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE. I DO NOT MASS PRODUCE OR HAVE OTHERS MAKE MY TREASURES. I work alone , slowly and carefully, Former Walt Disney Imagineer; Ruben Viramontes

Skull RIng Lucky Sevens Two Finger Ring SOLD
Price $1,550.00
Price $500.00
Skull Rings Lucky Numbers Ring Database angels
Lucky Numbers Ring Database Painting original Watercolor art
Silver Skull and Crossbones Skull Ring Diego Rivera's Skull
Price $400.00
Price $550.00
Skull Rings and Skull and Crossbones Skull Rings DiegoSkull
Silver skull and crossbones with owl and wolfsangel (werewolf). Silver Ring with Mother of Pearl Skull
Frida Kahlo Flowered Mother of Pearl Skull Ring Skull Earrings Black Coral Diamonds and 14k white Gold
Price $600.00
Price $1,500.00
Silver Ring Mother of Pearl Frida Skull black skull earrings
Silver Ring with Mother of Pearl Frida Kahlo Flowered Skull Black Skull Earrings

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