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Welcome.,,phone-818-800-0472,,THERE ARE MANY ORDERS AHEAD OF YOU, PLEASE EXPECT 30 TO 60 DAYS DELAY. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE. I DO NOT MASS PRODUCE OR HAVE OTHERS MAKE MY TREASURES. I work alone , slowly and carefully, Former Walt Disney Imagineer; Ruben Viramontes. All Original designs copyright since 2007 by Ruben Viramontes please do not copy.

Skull Necklace Demon Comet with Chain
Price $350.00
Demon Comet Necklace Ring Sizer
Demon Comet Necklace Ring Sizer, one per customer.
Corkenstein Skull Ring Skull Ring Lucky Numbers Database
Price $450.00
Price $500.00
Corkenstein Skull Rings Lucky Numbers Ring Database
Corkenstein Lucky Numbers Ring Database
Starbucks canvas Print Haunted Castle Ring With doors
Price $800.00
Price $1,200.00
starbucks skull Castle Ring
Painting original art Starbucks Gold Rose Skull Ring

VIDEO PLAYER, Click on any product video for a good look, 360 degree views. More to come soon!

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