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Crucifix Passion Christ 925 Sterling Silver No chain By RXVrings
Crucifix Passion Christ 925 Sterling Silver

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I saw god in a tree, picked the branches and what do you see!
2  1/2 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide. 15 grams solid 925 Solid Sterling Silver.
hand created by Ruben Javier "Xolotl"  Viramontes

Inspired by the twigs of that tree, i picked them , formed them into a cross and sculpted Christ. As i formed the thorns of the crown and the nails in the hands and feet i could feel the pain.

Here is the long story:
The crucifix is one of those works which i feel was inspired by my many years of seeking a higher plane or answer to the unknown. I spent one year in the ashram of the Hare Krishna to experience long hours of meditation and spiritual discipline and actually feel when your soul expands to become one with god, I also had great visions of the energy in our bodies while living in a Sufi Ashram in Mexico, this i am glad to have done. It gave me valuable skills and introspection of looking inwards and connecting with the universe. So back to the crucifix and how all this ties together, I use the trees for my meditations some times i unite very much with the force of the trees, laying my back against them and using techniques taught to me by Dr. Marshall Hoo, my teacher for  eight years of tai chi chuan. My life is marked with many chapters involving spiritual quests for enlightenment. well you could say that i have found the fountain of youth with all  these practices.  and a valuable lesson in patience which i need to do my artistic work.
So the trees and the wind are my friends indeed, so i see god in a tree a so do the mexican lindians that i lived wilth, they carpet thier floors with fresh pine needles once a week, and bless nature every time they redo the floor covering and they rearrange altars in the house which are a mix of pagan indian and christian. This crucifix is like one of those altars. I blended direct from nature the twigs and the christian god. This crucifix is really an altar, and a blessing to nature and god.

I worked for the Institute of Anthropology in Mexico City, I am a former Walt Disney Imagineer, I am published in two Disney books. I designed all the Latin American Architecture you see in the Theme Parks, and Middle Eastern Architecture in the park in France. all my ethnic art experience is reflected in my art today.My art and jewelry have been in the Disney Gallery three times. I do love the color and detail that my people put into the Day of the Dead. I find the ancient past full of mystery and imagery that draws me close.

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