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Who is Ruben Viramontes?

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Ruben Viramontes was born in the silver mining village of
Santa Barbara, Chihuahua, Mexico. Dad was a mining
engineer with degree from the University of Guanajuato,
Mom was a great artist/ painter. Dad shared many rock and
mineral specimens with Ruben. As a child Ruben made small
animals out of unusual exotic native seed pods, Ruben would
catch scorpions and birds and study them closely. Childhood
was a great time to explore woodcarving from branches.
Both his childhood and adult years have been divided
between living in Los Angeles and Mexico. After studying
architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ruben worked for
the Mexican Institute of Anthropology in church and
monument restoration, and archeological digs, which gave
him an opportunity to travel throughout the entire country
and experience local artistry first-hand. Later Ruben studied
jewelry making with master Mexican craftsmen near Taxco.
Subsequently for many years, Ruben designed and
manufactured jewelry for all the major stores in Mexico,
sales were near 10,000 pieces of jewelry per month, Ruben
taught a village to make the jewelry and he invented
machines for the manufacturing. Ruben was published many
times in Mexico Vogue Magazine. After Ruben's children
were born, he decided to return to Los Angeles. He became a
Walt Disney Imagineer and spent the next 17 years
designing theme parks, and themed interiors for Disney, as
well as Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. There is a
animated show in Medellin. Columbia designed by Ruben
"The show of the Orchids" showing daily at the orchids
batonical garden. The Disney Company commissioned Ruben
to make hundreds of paintings and sculptures that are
featured in the parks in Los Angeles, Orlando, Paris, and
 Tokyo. Over 2,000 of Ruben's animal designs are
integrated into the Disney Animal Kingdom Park in Florida.
Likewise Ruben's fellow Imagineers frequently
commissioned him to design and fabricate jewelry for their
personal use (SAMPLE CUSTOM JEWELRY, 50 works of art, a
tab at the top of the front page). Ruben has also designed
products for Disney and was a featured artist in the Disney
Galleries in Los Angeles and Orlando and the MGM Gallery in
Las Vegas. Ruben is published in two Disney Books---"Walt
Disney Imagineering" and "The Making of Animal Kingdom".
A friend once said, " Ruben is scary, he can design and make